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Economic Outlook Cover Final Setting.FH11

The macro-economic performance of Nepal has been highly disappointing during the last one year. Millions of productive labor force has been compelled to leave the country to explore economic opportunities elsewhere. While other South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have transformed their economy by expanding their production base and competitiveness, Nepal has struggled to maintain a sluggish economic growth in recent years.

Economic Outlook 2014-15 Summary Report
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External Evaluation Of Hill Maize Research Program
External Evaluation Of Hill Maize Research Program

The goal of the project is to examine whether or not Farm households in the hills of Nepal, especially poor and disadvantaged groups have improved food security and income. The development hypothesis of the project is that if the disadvantaged communities in the mid hills in Nepal are mobilized to produce quality maize seed and the capacity of the private and the public sectors are enhanced in order to place the appropriate seed system in the country, they are more likely to increase maize production and productivity with a sustained and participatory way of seed management, resulting in increased income and improved food security of rural farm households.

HMRP Final Report May 02, 2014
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