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About the Program

The Public Policy Program offers a host of academic, executive, and research programs, first of it’s kind, in the field of public policy to meet the diverse needs of students, scholars, and policy makers in Nepal. Located in Kathmandu, this program is initiated by the Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS), managed by its Center for Human Development and Innovation (CHDI) and under the academic oversight of Kathmandu University (KU).

The mission of this program is to become a Center of excellence that prepares responsible citizens and leaders of Nepal who will contribute positively to Nepal’s development. It does so by i) providing a range of interdisciplinary programs that balances theory and practice of policy making; ii) offering a professionally-managed academically-rigorous curriculum; iii) being well networked with the bureaucracy, the non-governmental organizations, and the private sector; and iv) a globally connected but locally grounded program that is socially responsible and financially sustainable. This program aspires to attract highly qualified students and faculty and eventually become a cutting-edge policy institution in Nepal and the South Asia region.

To emphasize quality and innovation, the Public Policy Program will incorporate the following methods within its academic offerings:

From the very inception of the Public Policy Program, there has been careful attempt at engaging with other world-class institutions that offer similar courses in the field of public policy. These types of collaborations have two key benefits: it allows learning and emulating the successes of these world-class institutions and the opportunity for exchange offers students and faculty a broader and international view of the public policy paradigms.

With all the technological gains of the recent past, several eminent Nepali and foreign professors located globally have become readily approachable and accessible. As such, the program aims to create an opportunity whereby the students based in Kathmandu, through a virtual setup, can partake in lectures from professors based in top universities across the globe.