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Dhulikhel Lodge Resort


Rationale: Lack of federal experiences in the history has given rise to several governance issues in our country causing several confusions in service delivery at the province level with no clarity of the roles and responsibilities. As such, this proposed six day seminar on " Nepal’s Policy Regime and Priorities in the Context of Federalism" envisions addressing all these pertinent and critical issues through a course package with workshop style delivery of content that will enable targeted government officials, young professionals and faculty, gain advanced understanding of Nepal’s policy regime through the exchange of knowledge and insights that stem from their expertise. It blends together the interests of government officials in different provinces, academically strong students and highly motivated faculty members with relevant national and international experience in their respective sectors. The course will promote a divergent set of views and allow for the contestation of ideas in order to draw out the opportunities and challenges of federalism and the changing policymaking regime in Nepal. Most importantly, this seminar is also designed as the first set of activities, the initial steps, of the larger initiative towards the establishment of the Master of Public Policy Program. The learning from this seminar, in terms of designing the coursework, the engagement with potential lecturers, and the response from the participants, among other things, will all contribute to a better understanding of the overall scope, possibilities, and limitations of that larger initiative. 

All files of the seminars are available now. Please find your copy below:

Day 1, Sept-2


Dr. Mohan Man Sainju, Chairperson, IIDS and Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University during the Opening Session of the seminar.


Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha officially inaugurating the KU/IIDS Six Day Seminar.


Dr. Bishnu Dev Pant, Executive Director, IIDS welcoming the guests, speakers and participants to the seminar during the Opening Session.


Dr. Mohan Man Sainju, Chairperson, IIDS addressing the participants of the seminar.


Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Vice-Chancellor, KU addressing the participants with his Special Remarks.


Ms. Binisha Nepal (Economist at IIDS), Emcee of the seminar.


Dr. Swarnim Wagle's (Former Vice-Chair, National Planning Commission) lecture on "'Nepal 2030' in a Federal State".


Dr. Somlal Subedi's (Former Chief Secretary, Government of Nepal) lecture on "From Decentralization to Federalism: Policy Directions".


Dr. Ram Manohar Shrestha's (Emeritus Professor, AIT) lecture on "Hydropower Development".


Dr. Arnico Panday's lecture on (Senior Scientist, ICIMOD) "Air Pollution, Climate Change and Environmental Challenges".


Day 2, Sept-3

Dr. Mohan Man Sainju (Chairperson IIDS) during the interaction session.


Ms. Binisha Nepal (Economist at IIDS) Emcee for the program.


Prof. Madan Dahal's (Professor, TU) lecture on "Taxation in a Federal State".


Dr. Achyut Wagle's (Media Specialist and Faculty at KU) lecture on "Current Challenges in Implementing Federalism".


Dr. Shankar Sharma's (Former Vice-Chair, National Planning Commission) lecture on "Economic Policy under Federalism".


Dr. Baikuntha Aryal's (Secretary, Fiscal Commission) lecture on "Fiscal Federalism".


Day 3, Sept-4

Dr. Govind Nepal's (Former Member, National Planning Commission) lecture on "Infrastructure Needs and Financing".

Dr. Govinda Nepal


Dr. Jaya Raj Acharya's (Former Ambassador to UN) lecture on "Foreign Policy and Geopolitics".

Dr. Jay Raj Acharya


Dr. Dhurba Bhandari's (Senior Economist at IIDS) lecture on "Financing and Investment Need in Nepal: Outlook 2030".

Dr. Dhruba Bhandari


Prof. Dr. Kushum Shakya's (Professor, TU) lecture on "Gender, Demography and Sustainable Development".


Dr. Bipin Adhikari's (Dean, Kathmandu University-School of Law) lecture on "Constitution of Nepal: Departures and Breakthroughs".

Bipin Adhikari


Day 4, Sept-5


Dr. Arun R. Joshi's (Founder-Director, Center for Human Development and Innovation) lecture on "Nepal's Future through Human Development".

Dr. Arun Joshi



Dr. Biswo Poudel's (Senior Labour Economist, ILO) lecture on "Public Policy Tools and Analysis".



Dr. Pitamber Sharma's (Former Vice-Chair, National Planning Commission) lecture on "Spatial and Regional Planning".



Ms. Jasmine Rajbhandary's (Senior Social Protection Specialist, World Bank) lecture on "Social Protection and Employment".