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Kathmandu Dialogue on Nutrition and Food Security

The South Asian Policy Leadership for Improved Nutrition and Growth (SAPLING) was launched in 2019 to establish a regional platform for consensus building among various stakeholders for mainstreaming evidence-based policy, action and leadership to combat malnutrition in line with policymakers' needs and priorities through a whole-of-systems approach.

The event was held in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 24-25 2023. A one and half day event brought together policymakers, experts, donor agencies, academia and private sector bodies/representatives and they have deliberated on the following themes that emerged from Dhaka event:

1. Technology enablers for Climate Smart Agri-food systems and Post-Harvest Reduction.

2. How to steer private sector and donor investments in agri-food system?

3. Regional cooperation in agri-food systems – What and How?

4. Steering knowledge collaborations and learning from each other.