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Project Status
Project Start Year

Full Version of this report can be accessed at IIDS Library, Mandikhatar, Kathmandu.


Executive Summary

The Mother and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) (2013-17) programme is being implemented in all of the VDC-level government health facilities in the three programme districts, viz. Jumla, Mugu, Solukhumbu, to reach eligible households. This is a comprehensive community-focused programme that integrates multiple sectors—nutrition, health services promotion, and hygiene and sanitation—to address the key factors affecting nutritional status of households.
Outcome monitoring was carried out in 30 of the 88 health facilities (health facilities), including health posts (HPs) and primary health care centres (PHCs), in the three programme districts, which covered more than one-third of all health facilities in the three programme districts.

Each of the supported health facilities had to collect and document MCHN-related data every month in a standard recording and reporting format. The records contain ward-wise information on the number of beneficiaries attending the clinic; weight, height, growth, and nutritional status of children; vaccination status; Super Cereal distribution and other health services provided to them. These records are important for monitoring the effectiveness of the programme, as well as for the reporting purpose.
The overall objective of this survey was to carry out outcome-level results monitoring of the MCHN programme, implemented by the World Food Programme (WFP), to assess the programme's performance and progress in achieving its goals and objectives.