The IIDS Webinar Series on Politics, Economy and Public Policy is conducted on the first Monday of every month starting December, 2020. We have successfully completed three episodes of the series.

Upcoming episode: Episode 04 

This session is scheduled for Monday, March 01, 2021 starting 5.45 PM (Nepal time), 7.00 AM (Eastern standard time).
The speaker for this episode is Dr. Khushbu Mishra, Assistant Professor of Economics at Stetson University and the moderator is Dr. Biswo Poudel, Visiting Associate Professor at Kathmandu University. Dr. Mishra is presenting her paper on— Do Remittances Reshape Household Expenditures? Evidence from Nepal. The paper is co-authored by Dr. Olga Kondratjeva and Prof. Gerald E. Shively.
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The first three episodes of the series were moderated by Prof. Avidit Acharya, Associate Professor of Political Science at Stanford University.

Episode 01: The speaker for this session was Prof. Alok Bohara, Professor of Economics at University of New Mexico. His presentation concentrated on- Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment: An empirical study of the urban environment and its impact on human health. The entire episode is available here.

Episode 02: The speaker for this session was Dr. Soledad Prillaman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. She presented her paper on- Does Revolution Work: Post-revolutionary evolution of Nepal's political classes. The paper is co-authored with Dr. Bhishma Busal, Dr. Michael Callen, Dr. Saad Gulzar, Prof. Rohini Pande, and Dr. Deepak Singhania. This episode was held on January 4, 2021. The entire episode is available here.

Episode 03: The speaker for the session was Dr. Maheshwor Shrestha, Economist at the World Bank. The title of his presentation was - Benefits and risks of low-skilled international migration: A researcher’s perspective. This episode was conducted on February 1, 2021. The entire episode is available here.