Professional Staff

Anuj Bhandari is the System Analyst at IIDS with over 10 years of work experience in this field. He has been working at IIDS since 2011 and maintains the IT infrastructure and provides strategies for implementing IT solutions in the work place. Apart from providing IT solutions, time and again, he has assisted on research projects at IIDS that require understanding of the IT systems and inputs from the IT field. He has worked on projects for the government and for other international agencies.

Mr. Bhandari is the nodal IT person for collecting data. Under the project Bhandari helped in identifying and developing the online software, executing the survey and compiling survey inputs.

Mr. Bhandari is an Engineer completed his B.Tech. in Information Science and Technology from K.L University, Vijayawada, South India. He also holds several advanced technical certificates in the IT field.