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Event Location: Hotel Yak & Yeti

EU-Nepal Business Forum

EU-Nepal Business Forum

‘Unleashing opportunities for EU trade and investment in Nepal’

Venue: Yak & Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: 8-9th May 2023 (Baishakh 25-26, 2080)

The overall objective of the EU-Nepal Business Forum is to strengthen trade and investment ties between investors in EU member states and Nepal for facilitating joint investments and projects to support Nepal’s vision to be prosperous, supported by sustainable economic growth driven by the private sector. The specific objectives of the Forum are to:

i. Showcase business, trade, investment, and FDI opportunities in Nepal.

ii. Provide information on key investment sectors where Nepal has comparative and competitive advantages, and to explore/discuss policy and legal measures required to facilitate investment.

iii. Provide platform for G2G and B2B dialogues, and networking opportunities, and

iv. Raise awareness on the various trading arrangements between the EU and Nepal.

The Forum is expected to result partnership agreements between investors/businesses in Nepal and the EU countries, in addition to strengthening economic ties between EU and Nepal at both the government and private sector levels. Another outcome of the meeting will be enhanced knowledge and information-sharing between EU and Nepali businesses on EU trading schemes, market entry requirements, the Nepali market, the overall business environment, and the sectors with potential for trade and investment.