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Launch of IIDS Fellowship Program

The Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) celebrated its 43rd anniversary by officially launching the ‘IIDS Fellowship Program’ on the 9th Mangsir, 2078 at its campus. In the program, an MoU was signed between IIDS, Tribhuvan University (TU), Pokhara University (PU) and National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN) for mutual collaboration. In 2016, IIDS had signed an MoU with Kathmandu University to launch Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) program.


The main objective of the fellowship program is to build the capacity of the educated youth and provide them opportunities to gain firsthand experience in public administration and service delivery, leadership, policymaking, and research work by engaging with the local governments of Nepal for one year. This opportunity will be provided every year to up to a hundred recent graduates who have completed their master's degrees in social sciences from these universities. The first phase of the program will be implemented over a period of five years, commencing after the local elections which will be held on 2022.

In the same occasion, a seperate MoU was signed between IIDS and Shangrila Development Bank and between IIDS and Prabhu Capital Limited for raising funds in support of the program. IIDS aims to tap corporate social responsibility fund from publicly listed companies and professionally run corporate houses to finance this program.

IIDS is an independent, non-partisan, and not-for-profit think-tank headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its inception in 1979, it has proven its commitment to research and policy advocacy based on evidence and a holistic approach to sustainable development.