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Rage Against Rape

*TU Department of Gender Studies/IIDS Executive Education Series Webinar on #RageAgainstRape*
The speakers and Moderator for the webinar were:
•Dr. Sudha Sharma— Former Secretary, Ministry of Health and Population (GoN), Nepal Obstetrician Gynecologist and Health Expert
•Retd. S.P. Gita Upreti— Retired Superintendent of Police, Nepal Police
•Adv. Meera Dhungana— Former President, Forum for Women, Law, and Development
•D.S.P. Chhiring Kippa Lama— Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nepal Police
•Ms. Prakriti Bhattarai Basnet— Chair, Political Literacy for Women
Moderator: Adv. Ranjana Thapa, Human Rights Professional
Watch the full video here