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Event Location: Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Workshop on Policy Research: Developing Policy Briefs on Agricultural Transformation

Workshop on Policy Research: Development of Policy Briefs on Agricultural Transformation (9-11 November 2023, Park Village Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal) for emerging researchers, scholars, and practitioners. The workshop featured training in evidence-based policy research and discussions on Agricultural Transformation as part of IIDS' Structural Reform 2.0 initiative. Participants acquired research skills, formulated strategic papers for evidence-based policymaking, and adhered to the IIDS-PRCI model, emphasizing demand-driven research and utilizing the latest research methodology tools to collaboratively work on policy briefs relevant to Structural Reform 2.0.

The workshop accommodated 30-35 participants and was executed in a hybrid mode, incorporating virtual participation from an international team of BACI database trainers. Notably, there were esteemed resource persons from renowned institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Development (MoALD), Chiang Mai University, IFPRI-USA-Bangladesh, USAID, UN-ESCAP, KU Thailand, IIDS, and NAES, who contributed their expertise to guide participants through the intricacies of the subject matter.
During the workshop, ten thematic areas were discerned, and a total of 18 authors and coauthors were meticulously chosen to collaboratively work on policy briefs relevant to Structural Reform 2.0. These selected ideas and themes were thoughtfully aligned with other concurrent research programs at IIDS.
A notable aspect of the training involved the presentation of a White Paper by IIDS on the 'Current Economic Situation and Challenges.' This document served to elucidate how Agricultural Transformation integrates into the broader reform agenda under Structural Reform 2.0. The comprehensive insights provided during this session were a testament to the collective knowledge and experience shared by the distinguished resource persons and participants alike.
The success of the program was realized through collaboration with esteemed partners, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), the Nepal Agricultural Economics Society (NAES), and other relevant institutions engaged in the field of Agriculture.