Deadline Extended!

IIDS, in collaboration with AgileMove aims to harness the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to address socio-economic challenges in Nepal. It recognizes GenAI's pivotal role in shaping the country's digital landscape and aims to generate greater interest in and visibility of GenAI talents within the market.

Recognizing the potential of GenAI in garnering policy solutions to Nepal’s developmental challenges, this project spans from April to July 2024, focusing on a Mentor-Mentee component. The program's scope includes hosting a Hackathon event where participants will collaborate with AI experts to develop innovative solutions to Nepal's socio-economic challenges using GenAI techniques. The Hackathon will follow a structured framework, including a call for applications, a selection of top ideas, an incubation period, and final judging. The project also includes a comprehensive mentoring program throughout the Hackathon journey by leading experts from Microsoft, Intel, Deloitte, among others. Mentors will guide participants in exploring GenAI applications, ideation, team formation, value proposition refinement, MVP approach, and precision guidance in GenAI technology.

Please email us your CV and a brief proposal of your idea to The proposal should contain a problem statement, a proposed solution idea, and an outcome.

Application Deadline: 21st May, 2024.