Introduction to the Center:

This theme covers work on ways to improve the quality of democratic governance, citizen participation and representation, public sector accountability and skills development. Topics include Open Data, transparency, rule of law, civil service reform, science of delivery and federalism. 

Academic Affairs – The department advocates for equal access to education opportunities (quality education and reduced inequalities) through training sessions, short-courses in collaboration Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies and workshops. The topic of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) has been in the forefront of this sub-theme. 

List of On-Going and Completed Projects: 

Executive Education Series (in partnership with Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies – TU DoGS) - On-Going 

This collaborative effort with Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies is geared to cater to public, private and non-profit sectors’ professionals who are looking to hone their skills and knowledge but do not have the time to complete regular two-year degree programs through short five-week courses. 

The first course of the series was – ‘Mainstreaming Gender in Policies and Programs’ followed by the second course on ‘Gender and Leadership’ which took place in January, 2022 (17th of January 2022 – 18th of February 2022) for a period of five-weeks. The course was facilitated by Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal, gender and organizational behavior expert. It explored and explained both theories and praxis of gender and leadership. Five national and regional women leaders from across sectors such as Ms. Chandni Joshi, Ms. Sushila Karki, Ms. Reshu A. Dhungana, Ms. Shyam B. Shrestha and Ms. Lora K. Prabhu from India also contributed as guest resource persons.  

The third course from the series was also successfully completed (7th of August 2023 to 8th of September 2023) on the topic of ‘Men and Masculinity’. The course ran for a period of five-weeks and it was led by Dr. Neeti Aryal Khanal, gender and sociology expert as well as by Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal, gender and organizational behaviour expert. Six regional and national leaders from diverse sectors were invited as guest speakers such as Dr. Sanjeev Uprethy, Mr. Biswo Bhakta Dulal ‘Aahuti’, Hon. Dr. Bimala Rai Poudel, Mr. C.K. Lal, Ms. Lora K. Prabhu and Mr. Dil Bhusan Pathak. 

Book on the ‘Post-Elections Breakdown’ with Mr. Bhojraj Pokharel – On-Going 

IIDS plans to publish a book with 13 chapters that will encompass the entire gamut of the federal and provincial elections held in November 2022. These chapters will have different topics which are pertinent to the recent elections. These outlined curated chapters will provide a wealth of information and theoretical approaches regarding elections with a broader concept of democracy. The book will aid scholars, academics, journalists and policymakers of Nepal to understand the nuances of Nepal’s electoral system coupled with key issues, challenges and mitigating measures. This book will also serve as a go-to-academic material for reference and citation. 

Movie on the House Series (MOTH) - On-Going  

The Institute for Integrated Development Studies’ Movie on the House series is a monthly film/documentary screening which is followed by an interactive discussion with an area expert. The idea is to watch documentaries that expand the themes and theories learned in classrooms and apply them to Nepal’s socio-economic and political policy-context. To contextualize the themes, a national expert will be roped in for every documentary broadcasted. Students, post-graduate students from various universities from different streams, in-house scholars, academics, practitioners and journalists will watch the documentary. 

Link: Movie On The House

Knowledge-Sharing with Local Authorities – On-Going 

During the annual retreat, IIDS’s staff had the opportunity to conduct an interactive session with Modi Rural Municipality’s Mayor and other local authority members. This session was facilitated by one of the IIDS’s Graduate Fellows, Ms. Ritu Baral, who has been stationed at the municipality for over 6 months, aiding the rural municipality in various capacities. In the interactive session volunteers, interns and staff members asked about the responsibilities of the municipality, functioning and the structural reforms the government body had after the adoption of federalism in Nepal. The discussion also delved into the local government body’s annual budget and planning, their priorities and role of political leaders representing the citizens. This knowledge-sharing initiative with local authorities is a fairly new concept the center has introduced and aims to continue building over the months. A few months ago, there was also a case-study workshop held at IIDS discussing Khaniyabas Rural Municipality with students from Kathmandu University (Public Policy and Management Program) and Tribhuvan University (Department of Gender Studies).he 

Collaboration with B.P. Eye Foundation – On-Going 

IIDS and B.P. Eye Foundation have jointly collaborated on strategic research and programs related to health, education, and development. This collaboration is to encourage innovation and creativity through intersectoral engagements for sustainable and inclusive development through the IIDS Graduate Fellowship Program, curriculum development for school and universities, research design and implementation, development of training modules, identification of local needs and national priorities, raising awareness, capacity building, policy advocacy, resource and knowledge sharing, expanding partnership and collaborations, fundraising and communications, media and social media outreach, joint publications and hosting events, seminars, webinar and workshop. 

Collaboration with Padmakanya Multiple Campus – Department of Political Science – On-Going 

IIDS and Department of Political Science - Padmakanya Multiple Campus has jointly collaborated to teach graduate and undergraduate courses that comprise of various modules such as research methodology, political theory and philosophy in western and eastern context and also public administration. This collaboration has been helping to provide holistic exposure to the teaching methods of academicians as well as practitioners of public policy and research in terms of learning and grong. The faculty members from IIDS consisted of Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal, Mr. Vibhav Pradhan and Ms. Devika Thapa. 

A Study on the Situation of Women in White-Collar Jobs of Private and Public Sectors of Nepal – Completed 

This study was conducted on behalf of the National Planning Commission (NPC) which reviews the situation of women in Nepal’s bureaucracy and in the white-collar jobs of the private sector. The proposed study is carried out in 21 municipalities from all seven provinces of the country using a mixed method of inquiry as instructed by the Commission. The objective of this study is to find out the gendered realities of agencies in the public and private sectors. It also aims to understand and analyze the problems women in both the sectors face, while providing a comprehensive perspective to assess the ground realities and presenting policy recommendations. The study also outlines detailed policy interventions aimed at Nepal’s bureaucracy and the private sector to make it more inclusive and representative. 

The study has used the ‘Gender at Work’ analytical framework to uncover hidden biases and psycho-social behaviours that perpetuate gender inequality and resistance to organizational change. Likewise, the study has also delved into informal rules kept in place by power dynamics within organizations. The collected data suggest that while Nepali women in white-collar positions face discrimination, they are not always tangible and explicit. Instead, there exists a series of systemic, informal and implicit behaviours which inhibit the growth of women in private and public sector workplaces throughout their careers. 

IIDS Gender Orientation and Office Behaviour Training Sessions - Completed 

IIDS organized an in-house ‘Gender Orientation Training Session’ with Gender expert, Ms. Bharati Silawal-Giri, for all employees at the IIDS Campus on 14th February, 2022. This was an integral part of making IIDS a safe space for all individuals associated with the organization such as employees, fellows, trainees, interns, volunteers, and visitors regardless of their gender, caste, class, ethnicity, religion, race, different-abilities, beliefs, age, status and other identities. 

IIDS also organized an ‘Office Behaiour Training Session’ with Dr. Madhurima Bhadra, public health and gender expert for all employees at the IIDS Campus on 8th August 2022. This was one of the many efforts IIDS has been taking to make our organization a safe space for all. 

ADB-IIDS ‘Integrating Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in Selected Sectors in Nepal’ Book Launch - Completed 

IIDS in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (Nepal) organized a hybrid book launch/dissemination session for the study – ‘GESI Diagnostic Study of Selected Sectors in Nepal’. The key speakers for the session were – Hon. Ms. Ram Kumari Jhakri (Minister for Urban Development), Hon. Ms. Saloni Pradhan Singh (Member, National Planning Commission) and Mr. Kenichi Yokoyama (Director-General for South Asia, ADB). 

The panelists for the event were – Ms. Chhaya Jha (GESI expert and author of the study), Mr. Arnaud Cauchois (ADB Country Director for Nepal), Mr. Francesco Tornieri (Principal Social Development Specialist – Gender & Development Expert – South Asia Department, ADB) and Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal (Moderator and Director for Centre for Governance and Academic Affairs). 

‘Constitution in Caste Conversation’– ‘जात वार्तामा संबिधान’ Webinar - Completed 

IIDS closely coordinated with Kathmandu University’s Master’s in Public Policy and Management and Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies students organized a dialogue on जात वार्तामा संबिधान(Constitution in Caste Conversation) on 2nd July, 2021. The speakers for the program were – Mr. Bishwo Bhakta Dulal ‘Aahuti’ (Political Analyst) and Prof. Bipin Adhikari (Professor of Law and Constitutional Expert). The session was moderated by Dr. Sucheta Pyakuryal (Director for Centre for Governance and Academic Affairs). 

‘Rage Against Rape’ Webinar - Completed 

IIDS and the Department of Gender Studies, Tribhuvan University conducted a robust policy dialogue on ‘#RageAgainstRape’ on the 7th of March, 2021. The speakers for the webinar were – Dr. Sudha Sharma (Former Secretary, Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Obstetrician Gynecologist and Health Expert), Retd. S.P. Gita Upreti (Retired Superintendent of Police, Nepal Police), Adv. Meera Dhungana (Former President, Forum for Women, Law and Development), D.S.P. Chhiring Kippa Lama (Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nepal Police) and Ms. Prakriti Bhattarai Basnet (Chair, Political Literacy for Women). The session was moderated by Adv. Ranjana Thapa (Human Rights Professional). 

‘Gender and Citizenship’ Webinar Series (1. Civil Society Leaders and 2. Government Workers) - Completed 

IIDS partnered with Tribhuvan University’s Department of Gender Studies to launch this webinar series. The series took place in two parts by inviting firebrand speakers from – 1. Civil Society Leader and 2. Government Workers.