IIDS Webinar Series on Human Development

Previous Episodes

Session 02: Human Capital Acceleration in Nepal through Strategic Deployment of Converging Technologies organized jointly with the World Bank 
  • Date: April 26, 2021
  • Panel of experts:
    • Dr. Sajitha Bashir- Advisor, Ed Global Practice, World Bank
    • Dr. Klaus Tilmes- Director, Trade and Competitiveness, World Bank
  • Panel of experts:
    • Dr. Swarnim Wagle- Economics
    • Dr. Bishal Dhakal- Health sector
    • Ms. Sumana Shrestha- Post-crisis innovation/health
    • Ms. Lhamo Yanchen Sherpa- Epidemology
    • Dr. Mahabir Pun- Technology and Innovation
    • Dr. Prativa Pandey- Technology and Innovation
    • Dr. Arnico Panday- Climate Change
    • Mr. Bal Joshi- E-commerce and FinTech
    • Mr. Sixit Bhatta- Infrastructure
    • Ms. Karvika Thapa- IT
    • Ms. Timila Yami Thapa- IT
    • Mr. Ananta K. Khanal- Telecommunication
  • Moderator: Dr. Arun R. Joshi- Director, Center for Human Assets
Session 01: How to Improve Learning Outcomes in Developing Countries? Conceptual Frameworks and Evidence from Evaluations
  • Date: January 28, 2021
  • Speakers:
    • Prof. Ritva Reinikka- Professor of Practice, Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, Aalto University School of Business, and 
    • Dr. David Evans- Senior Fellow at Center for Global Development
  • Moderator: Dr. Arun R. Joshi- Director, Center for Human Assets