Advisory Council

Dr. Bindu N. Lohani was Ranking Vice-President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development. He was responsible for the ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (Office of the Chief Economist), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, and Office of Information Systems and Technology. Prior to the above position, Dr. Lohani was Vice-President (Finance and Administration) of ADB. Dr. Lohani served as Chair of Investment Committee of the Pension Fund; Chair of Asset Liability Management Committee; and Chair of Crisis Management Committee. Dr. Lohani holds Doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering. Dr. Lohani has been conferred with several Honorary Doctoral Degrees including the Degree of Doctor of University by the Griffith University, Australia in recognition of his distinguished contributions to environment. He has also completed several management development programs, including the Executive Program conducted by the Business School of the University of Chicago, Management Development Program by Cornell University; and programs by Arthur D. Little School of Management, and Corporate Leadership program at Yale University.