Forum on Financing Sustainable Infrastructure

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The primary goal of this forum was to foster a dialogue and knowledge-sharing platform for financing sustainable infrastructure development. The forum consists of two sessions.

Session 1: Public Private Partnership (PPP)/ Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Contracts: Formulation and Experience. The subtopics of session 1 were Public Private Partnership (PPP): Understanding PPP and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Contracts: Formulation and Experience

Session 2: Enhancing Investment Through Accessing Climate Funds. The subtopics of session 2 were Protocols and Procedures in Assessing the Climate Change Fund and Emerging Opportunities to Optimize Investments Through Accessing the Climate Change Fund. The forum was designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To increase understanding of the various financing options available for sustainable infrastructure development.
  • To share the best practices and experiences and identify opportunities for improving the effectiveness of financing options in delivering sustainable infrastructure projects.
  • To identify challenges and gaps in financing sustainable infrastructure and discuss innovative solutions to overcome them.

IIDS was the Knowledge Partner for the event.

The report was prepared by Zaky Khan, Program Specialist at IIDS.