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Child Safeguard Policy
December 2018
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Adoption of Milk Safety Measures and its Impact on Milk Acceptance by Buyers in Nepal
Prabin Dongol, Ganesh Thapa, Anjani Kumar June 2017
Journal Articles
Poverty Reduction Strategy in Nepal: Evidence from PAF Program
Manbar S. Khadka, Madhu R. Maharjan January 2014
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Review of Investment Policies in Nepal
Dileep K Adhikary PhD
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Economic of Fiscal Federlism in Nepal
Nandakaji Budhathoki September 2012
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Articulating and Mainstreaming Agriculture Trade Policy Study(FAO-IIDS)
Posh Raj Pandey January 2012
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Easing the Nepali Liquidity Crisis
Mukesh Khanal
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Soaring Food Prices in Nepal: Causes and Consequences
Bishnu Dev Pant PhD
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